So today those who owe favors to large multinational corporations wish to go back to the European system into the very first who records the claim. Now that is going backwards in spite of the rhetoric they spew at us. In this one invoice, multinational firms can sweep, grab the patents, take them abroad where more tasks will be taken away from us. The production countries will be hurt the most. Personal property is also the intellectual thoughts you’ve got on mind, the writing which you write in a publication, the content you thought up with your mind and published on your blog.


However, the people can make it known to their elected officials that we don’t need this to pass. Call to action – reblog this post- spread the word- fill the switchboard lines-202-224-3121- request for your agent by name- say to not H.R. 1249. Both parties, either side of the isle are ramming this bill through without a public debate or discourse. This is the bailout due to their multinational company buddies giving them trillions of dollars of new wealth while damaging the tax payers, you and me and all our little companies. Not just that, this bill is totally unconstitutional.

There have been scholars who have examined this bill and say it violates our constitution. Not one scholar has come forward to say that this bill isn’t violating Article 1. If Americans can’t control the fruits of our own labor and that our intellectual properties and technology inventions, our writings and our applications, our systems and whatever else we invent than we’ll be in big trouble with job creation and the capacity to produce our own wealth from our creations.


Intellectual property and copyrights are the newest money within our market. And that is precisely why the huge corporations like GE want to restrain all of them. You are not likely to hear this on the news and you’re not going to be reading this at the big papers. The White House as well as many of those ‘tenured’ Republicans are working with some of the largest multinational corporations to change our patent system to become like Europe and Japan. The U.S Patent Chief David Kappos is an elitist and cares nothing for the little man that is trying to make in in America. He was just in London telling different elitists our Constitution Patent clause is SO 19th century and “eccentric” and that we need to be into “international harmonization”.


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The Senate

The Senate has passed a bill like this and in the House, H.R. 1249 is moving very fast. Most members of both parties are planning on voting for this bill.

The founding fathers, when they composed Article 1 Section 8 made a level playing field for the poor and the wealthy. The poor man could invent a car in his barn and become wealthy from his creation just as quickly as a wealthy person could pay to devise a rocket ship in his mill. By devoting Patents into the actual inventor more people could dream and layout new creations.

Remember always that if there’s a massive story being awakened in the media and media, the one that all those politicians assert over and get us all worried about so our ears and eyes don’t look at anything else.

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